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Hello Warhammers!

We are pleased to present Mariscal 40K, a blog that will focus on the strategy game Warhammer 40k miniatures in general and in the universe of the Imperial Guard.

The blog name refers to the military rank of Field Marshal in the context of 40 thousand century. But why the name?

Field Marshal: the highest military rank awarded only in wartime. It represents the General who is promoted by merits military to run a successful campaign.

It is an important concept in the Imperial Guard because for centuries has stood for possessing military leaders with great strategic and tactical prestige. The greatest exponent of this title is Commander Macharius Solar, the largest military genius of the Imperial Guard with over a thousand worlds claimed in Macharian called Crusade.

In any case, what is the purpose of the blog ?. The topics are varied. Discuss latest news, tactics, rules and codex, painting and scenography, tournaments and events, lists, battle reports, etc … but always from several premises: find the competitive side of the hobby, we will bring to the subjects the standpoint of the Guard Imperial (as the team members Guard are two players) and we will try to share all the material is of quality.

On the other hand we want to give the blog a visual well maintained, clean, intuitive and organized look, a kind of web page with hints database in which the person who comes to read us have easy access to what you need and all the items related.

We hope you find it interesting to all and discuss what they believe appropriate, since it is the way to learn and grow as players 40k. What I write here is not the absolute truth, it is our point of view and look forward to receiving your comments.

See you on the battlefield !!

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